Thursday, April 12, 2012

Not Goodbye, Just Consolidation

The great advantage of the internet is that there is now a huge buffet of interesting information available with the click of a mouse. Besides all of the past issues of The Voluntaryist, there are many other websites where one can go to learn about living a life of non-aggression. There are archives of other libertarian-minded newsletters and journals and even complete books, all available for free. And if that were not enough, we now have access to loads of podcasts and videos.

What’s not so great is having limited time in which to investigate and share what I learn. I have enjoyed working on this project and the focus was exactly what I wanted for a while but continuing issue by issue is no longer meeting my needs because I want to branch out and include more.

And yet Carl and I have discussed this and we both know there are gems in future issues that I haven’t found yet. From the start Carl has directed me to future issues when I said something he knew was addressed or developed further. At the time I resisted that, thinking I wanted to read it all as it happened. It sort of felt to me like looking ahead would somehow spoil the experience for some reason.

But that discussion led me to another idea, one where I may still be diving into future issues of The Voluntaryist while also commenting on other things I find interesting as I mentally munch through the buffet of information I find on the internet.

Carl is going to keep an eye on the topics I post on The Suburban Voluntaryist blog and if I hit upon a topic that reminds him of a related article in The Voluntaryist, he will let me know and I can then read it and add that to the discussion.

I think this is a good way to consolidate and yet still continue to read and learn from The Voluntaryist.

So I am moving to The Suburban Voluntaryist blog where I will continue to post my weekly newspaper columns and now also share my thoughts about any interesting podcasts, videos, articles, etc.

If anyone here wants to join me, I have set up an easy email subscription just like the one I had set up on this blog, so just go to The Suburban Voluntaryist and sign up and you will get an email when anything is posted there.

If you do decide to join me, that would be great. If not, I hope you enjoyed following me as I worked on this project. Thanks to everyone who has commented or responded to me in some way a huge thanks to Carl Watner for all the time he has taken in the past to communicate with me and help me learn and also for continuing to do so as the possibilities arise on The Suburban Voluntaryist.